Frequently asked questions

El cliente realizará el pago del producto contratado a través de la página web con el medio de pago seleccionado. Dentro del precio que figura en la página web figura incluido el IVA.
En caso de pérdida, rotura o no devolución el cliente deberá satisfacer el importe íntegro del dispositivo y accesorios del mismo por un total de 150€ + IVA.
En caso de cancelaciones avisando por escrito a la dirección, con una semana de antelación a la fecha contratada para la entrega del dispositivo, se podrá devolver el importe íntegro de la reserva, en caso de no cumplir con este plazo, no se realizará ningún tipo de devolución.

It is a pocket-sized mobile wifi hotspot that allows you to connect up to 5 or 8 wifi enabled devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, PSP...). It works as easy as your everyday home connection. You just need three steps: to turn on your pocket wifi, look for the network on your laptop, phone or other device, and introduce the password.

The battery lasts 4 hours of internet navigation and 100 hours on standby.
This is a very common question. Our customers are normally surprised by the fact that 1Gb does not last long. One hour of intense work (email, internet and a little VoIP) takes around 700Mb. If you have 5 people connected, we can easily use 1Gb per day. You may have a 2Gb/month allowance in your smartphone, and don't consume it all. But when we are at home or work, we are normally connected to a wifi.
All prices shown in the website already include VAT.

VISA, MASTERCARD or PAYPAL via the website.

Sales and Returns Policy

The price paid by the customer corresponds to the product selected at the time of booking.
In case of "no show" the amount paid will not be refunded. In case of cancellation must be in writing, and with a minimum of one week a mail Only then you can rejoin the payment.
In case of loss, breakage or refund, the customer must pay the amount of € 150 + VAT for the total cost of the device and accessories thereof as battery, USB cable, plug, plastic sleeve.

You can collect and return the devices at the NT Incoming counter in the Arrivals area, in front of Exit Gate B, right by exit to the street number 2. Our airport office is open between 07:00 and 24:00. In case your flight arrives outside business hours we can arrange to meet at the airport if you let us know your flight number and estimated time of arrival.
It is not possible to upgrade your data plan, but if you need to add extra GBs you can do so for an extra price of 20€/Gb. If you prefer to add 1Gb during the booking process, the price is 12€